Kayla Mansfield-Brown, Dancing Deer,

M.Ed - Leadership, BCD - Environmental & Sustainability Studies, RecL

Kayla Mansfield-Brown, Dancing Deer is a Mi’kmaq woman and mother of four who recently finished her Masters of Education in Leadership at Acadia University. Kayla also holds degrees in Community Development (Major in Environmental Sustainability Studies) and Recreation Leadership. Kayla is an advocate for social justice, most notably in Indigenous rights, environmental justice and gender equity. Kayla was recognized in the Spring of 2018 for her outstanding leadership, receiving an Award from One Woman, an International Organization dedicated to female empowerment with a ‘Fearless Leader’ Award and scholarship to attend the National Canadian Evaluation Conference. Kayla is also a women’s traditional dancer and member of the Melgita’t women, an all-female singing, drumming group. 


Jordan Spidle, Architectural Technologist

Jordan Spidle is an architectural technologist with experience in drafting and preparing construction documents. Jordan’s greatest strength is his skill with BIM and 3D rendering. Jordan creates renderings that communicate a vision to all our clients. His rendering features in all our competition entries. Jordan is extremely knowledgeable regarding the latest construction techniques and precise in his work.

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Doriano Sablone, Senior Project Manager

Lis van Berkel, Writer MA, BA

Tristan Tondino, Graphic Designer MA, BA

Matthew Rodrigues, Architecture Student Intern

Joséane Brunelle, Accounting MA, BA